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How to Become an Art Director

Bachelor's or higher degree, plus work experience

Numerous art directors initiate their career as photographers, graphic designers and fine artists. They may have previous work experience as editors or experience in design occupation prior to becoming art directors.

Education & Training

Many art directors begin their careers as set designers, industrial designers or graphic designers, while others were previously photographers or fine artists. It is common for art directors to have a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts Degree. Certain individuals move on to acquire more managerial roles by earning their MFA or Master of Fine Arts degree.

Many art directors work a minimum of five years in a different occupation prior to being selected for art director positions. They may obtain work in a variety of the aforementioned industries or in a different design or art occupation prior to becoming art directors.

Customizing a portfolio or collection of an artist's work that showcases their abilities and styles is essential. Clients, managers and other individuals view an artists' portfolio when determining which looks they prefer when looking to hire someone for their upcoming art extravaganza.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Communication Skills: Art directors need to be effective listeners. They speak with clients and staff to communicate they understand everyone's ideas. It is vital to comprehend the vision, whether it entails movie sets, publications, advertisements etc so that the client can recognize their goals working with the art director.

Creativity: In order to develop layout options, set designs or advertising campaigns, art directors must figure out innovative and exciting ideas.

Leadership Skills: Art directors need to motivate other artists by directing and organizing groups of people. It is necessary to oversee production while articulating their vision.